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Laboratory Calibration

Buy A Gyratory

ATSNUC offers Pine Superpave G2  Gyratory Compactor along with all accessories and parts. 

Pine G2

Pine Superpave G2 Gyratory Compactor

Gyratory Compactor Calibration

ATSNUC, Inc. offers gyratory compactor calibration across the globe for the following gyratories:

~ Troxler Gyratory

~ Pine Gyratory

~ Matest Gyratory

~ Controls Gyratory

~ Humboldt Gyratory


Broken gyratory? We can help. Schedule a repair or calibration for your gyratory today.  

NCAT Oven Calibration

ATSNUC, Inc. offers calibrations on all oven types, including but not limited to:

~ Thermofischer NCAT

~ Troxler NTO

~ Despatch

~ Quincy Labs

~ Blue M

~ Others


Have a broken NCAT or Oven not working correctly? Contact ATSNUC for you prompt repair or calibration today. 

Buy An Oven

ATSNUC offers NCAT's and Ovens from all major manufactures. 

Thermofischer NCAT with Ignition Panel from Instrotek

Thermofischer NCAT Oven with Ignition Panel

Buy A Scale

ATSNUC represents all major manufacturers of scales and can provide competitive pricing for all scale makes on models. 

Ohaus Scale

Scale Calibrations

ATSNUC, Inc. offers NIST certified weights and provides calibration to major brands such as: 

~ Ohaus


~ Rice Lake

~ Adam

~ Escali

~ Others

Scale Repairs

Have a broken scale that needs repair? Contact us for an onsite repair and calibration or send in to our office. 

Hamburg Wheel Calibration

ATSNUC, Inc. offers Hamburg wheel tracker calibrations across the globe for the following manufacturers:

~ Troxler Hamburg wheel tracker

~ Instrotek SmarTracker

~ James Cox & Sons Gyratory

~ Controls Group Hamburg Wheel

Scale Repairs

Have a broken Hamburg wheel that needs repair? Contact us for an onsite repair and calibration or send in to our office. 

Buy A Hamburg

ATSNUC offers the SmarTracker Hamburg wheel tracker. 

SmarTracker Hamburg wheel tracker

Need equipment?

ATSNUC offers a full line of lab equipment and supplies and represents over 30 manufacturers in the industry. 

ATSNUC, Inc. Front Entrance

Other Calibrations Available

ATSNUC, Inc. offers the following calibrations:

~ Compression machines (up to 600K)

~ Thermometers

~ Calipers/Rulers/Micrometer

~ Vacuum Gauge

~ Hardness

~ Stop Watch

~ Setting Ring

~ Manometer

~ Feeler Gauge


~ Beam Tester

~ Load Cell

~ And More!

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